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Webinar Recap: 4 Tips to Increase Online Adoption

When we talk about adoption, we are generally referring to e-adoption or electronic billing and payment adoption. At its core,...

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Master Customer Engagement with Intelligent Communications

At its core, customer engagement is about encouraging customers to take actions that drive beneficial results for them and...

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Creating a Good User Experience for Online Payments

In a recent blog post, we discussed the benefits of improving the online payment experience. We detailed how a good online...

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4 Ways to Encourage Customers to Pay Bills Online

As organizations and individuals learn to settle into a ‘new normal’ that involves working remotely and practicing social...

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How Improving Self-Service Increases Revenue: Client Story

One of the most common challenges currently faced by water utility companies is the issue of rising water rates. In many areas...

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Arming Customers with Self-Service to Combat Rising Water Costs

Water is crucial to life. Without it, humans would not survive for more than 3 to 4 days. But access to clean drinking water...

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