How Invoice Cloud Supports its Working Parents

By Amanda Eleuteri

While we never need a holiday to celebrate the parents in our lives, we can’t turn down the opportunity to give some extra shine to our InvoiceCloud parents for National Parents’ Day. Unlike Mother's Day or Father’s Day, this nationally recognized holiday encourages organizations to support the role of parents in raising their children — which we’re all too happy to do here at InvoiceCloud! 

This year, we’re celebrating National Parents’ Day on Sunday, July 25. So, before we kick off the weekend, we wanted to share how InvoiceCloud puts a focus on celebrating and supporting its valued parents. 

How does InvoiceCloud support its parents? 

First and foremost, work/life balance is central to the InvoiceCloud culture. Everyone, at every level of the organization, understands the importance of working to live rather than living to work — especially when it comes to working parents. 

Whether you’re a new parent or somewhat of a parenting pro, the InvoiceCloud team fundamentally believes your employer should enable you to both do work you love and spend quality time with your family. That can look like the ability to flex work hours to accommodate your children’s extracurricular or providing all the tools you’ll need to work remotely, at home. 

Encouraging that work/life balance is essential – but InvoiceCloud also wants to support employees with children by giving them more freedom when it comes to financial planning. That’s why InvoiceCloud offers a competitive parental policy, which offers paid parental leave to all eligible employees. 

Eligible new parents may take a 16-week, paid parental leave (at 100% pay) for any of the following scenarios: 

  • Birth of a child
  • Adoption of a child under the age of eighteen (or a child under the age of twenty-three if the child is mentally or physically disabled) 
  • Placement of a child pursuant to a court order 

16 weeks of 100% paid parental leave are reserved for the “Primary Caregiver,” or the main person responsible for meeting the child’s physical needs immediately following birth, adoption, or foster care placement. During this leave period, PTO accrual will pause for the Primary Caregiver. 

For the “Secondary Caregiver,” or the person who has parental responsibility for the child but is not the primary caregiver, InvoiceCloud also offers: 

  • 4 weeks of 100% base salary for InvoiceCloud employees with more than 1 year of service. 
  • Employees with less than 1 year of service are eligible for 2 weeks of secondary parental leave at 100% base salary. 
  • Flexibility to take leave any time within 6 months of the birth or placement date of the child. 
  • Employees can take all four weeks at one time (with manager approval) or the time can be broken up. 
  • A rolling 12-month eligibility period (i.e. if there is another child within a 12-month period of when the leave ends, secondary caregivers will only be granted an additional 2 weeks of leave). 
  • A pause on PTO accrual for those on leave. 

Additionally, new parents can enroll children in the benefits offered through InvoiceCloud (medical, dental, life insurance, etc.) within 30-days of the child’s birth/adoption/placement. One particularly popular benefit is a dependent care flexible spending account, which allows up to $5k to be set aside on a pre-tax basis to pay for qualified out-of-pocket dependent care expenses, such as preschool, before after school programs, and child or adult daycare. 

What’s next for supporting InvoiceCloud parents? 

Here at InvoiceCloud, we’re keeping parents first in mind — especially as children prepare to go back to school amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Remote work and flexible working hours will certainly continue to support our working parents but, ideally, the team would like to add parent resource groups and branch out into new ways to support employees with children. (Stay tuned for the arrival of our employee-led resource groups!) 


Interested in joining the InvoiceCloud family? We want to talk to you! Check out our open positions here. 


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