What it Takes to Become an InvoiceCloud Engineer

By Tony Cordova

As one of the leading SaaS solutions for Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP), high-quality engineering isn’t just a priority at InvoiceCloud – it’s a necessity.

We’re always excited to talk with talented engineers but, at the end of the day, we’re looking to welcome teammates that are both technically skilled and representative of our CLOUDIES values. Our culture is a critical factor in setting InvoiceCloud apart, so we’re constantly looking for new additions that will help grow the CLOUDIE culture.

If you’re an engineering hopeful that values a collaborative, candid, and community-oriented workplace, then read on – we’d like to share exactly what to expect when interviewing for the InvoiceCloud Engineering team.

What does our interview process look like for the Engineering team at InvoiceCloud?

When the Engineering team is looking to hire a new team member, we conduct an interview that reviews your experience, your skillset within the parameters of the role, your technical skills, and of course, your passion for engineering.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect after applying for an engineering position at InvoiceCloud:

  1. Resume screen
    Our recruiting team first works to identify and talk with skilled engineers. We are constantly looking for candidates that are passionate about learning and have a growth mindset. We want to learn about you beyond your jobs – what is the last coding language you taught yourself, what was your last side project, and more. The recruiting team wants to present the hiring team with a candidate’s story as we want engineers that will level up our team.
  1. First phone screen
    Once the candidates are vetted, you’ll be scheduled for a phone screening with me (that’s right – you’re getting interview advice from the interviewer) to determine if you’re a good fit for the role. On this call, I’m looking for more specific details on your qualifications and programming experience, and whether your experience and career goals align with the role in question.
  1. On-site interview
    Next, we’ll invite you to an in-office interview with two to three people from our Engineering team. In this group interview, we’ll dive a little deeper into your previous jobs, skillsets, workflows, and experiences. (Note: during the pandemic, all interviews are now conducted via phone call or Zoom.)
  1. Technical interview
    Finally, we’ll conduct a technical interview. Rather than give you a take-home technical challenge to tackle over the weekend, we would like to see your skillset live and in-person (or for now, over Zoom). We touch on a number of technical topics, from fundamentals in class design to specific features in our chosen development framework. Then we wrap up with a live view of our code, which we ask candidates to read and translate back to us to gauge understanding.
  2. Final decision
    At this point, we let the recruiting team know which candidate we’ve selected, and work with HR to craft an offer for (hopefully!) our next engineering hire.

What does InvoiceCloud look for in engineering candidates?

At InvoiceCloud, our technology stack is predominantly Microsoft technologies. So, from a technical standpoint, we’re looking for experience using anything under the .NET Framework umbrella, such as:

  • NET (WebForms, MVC, SignalR, WebAPI)
  • WCF
  • MEF
  • TPL
  • NET
  • C#
  • SQL Server

We are also interested in candidates with Azure cloud technologies experience, like Azure Functions, Batch, Storage Queues, etc. And when it comes to non-Microsoft technologies, the engineering team looks for candidates with knowledge of:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • AngularJS
  • Bootstrap

Technical experience is obviously critical – but it’s not the only thing we look for in new engineering hires. We’re drawn to candidates that truly love programming, the type of people that live and breathe coding and couldn’t be less worried about watching the clock. If your technical experience doesn’t check every single box, but you’re a passionate, forward-thinking engineer, the InvoiceCloud team still very much wants to talk with you.

Any upcoming challenges or projects that will be the team’s next focus?

The InvoiceCloud user base is always growing, so our team’s next focus is on building systems that will scale for performance and client growth using Azure cloud technologies.

If scaling isn’t your specialty, never fear – we’re interested in team members who can contribute to any project that helps InvoiceCloud continue forward as the premier EBPP provider. At the end of the day, this larger mission is always our focus, and will be for the foreseeable future.

Any advice you might give potential candidates?

Don’t dismiss Microsoft.

Some candidates believe that Microsoft hasn’t done anything impactful since introducing .NET Framework in the early 2000s, and have therefore moved on to other frameworks or languages.

Since Satya Nadella became Microsoft’s CEO in 2014, the tech giant has essentially re-invented itself, introducing an almost endless list of technologies for developers to work with, and competing at an equal level with AWS in the cloud.  They have also open-sourced several of their well-known technologies. .NET now runs on Linux and Mac machines, along with Windows. 

My advice would be to take another look. There’s something for everyone.

Sound like you? If you’re looking for your next engineering challenge, we want to talk to you! Learn more about InvoiceCloud, our values, and our open positions here.

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