Joshua Cranmer

Joshua Cranmer
Joshua is a marketing leader with proven experience that has grown brands of all sizes, including small, passionate local businesses and international corporations. Currently, he is the VP of Marketing at HealthPay24. From leading strategic campaigns for national companies to providing mentorship to budding professionals, Joshua is dedicated to excellence in the marketing industry. His keen interest in human behavior and habit distinguishes him from many of his peers. He has harnessed this data and applied it online and offline to create experiences that not only open opportunities but build enduring relationships
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Investing in a Payment Solution with a Strong Partner Ecosystem: Healthcare Edition

Posted by Joshua Cranmer on Feb 26, 2020 8:00:00 AM

A go-it-alone approach to healthcare payments does not work, especially in a climate where high-deductible health plans are the norm. No matter what industry you’re in, collecting payments for services performed can be challenging. On top of that, holding a growing number of outstanding invoices is detrimental to cash flow. Strong partner ecosytems in healthcare help reduce the risk of unpaid bills. The healthcare space is no stranger to unpaid bills, research shows that 137 million Americans struggle with medical debt. One of the most common reasons patients don’t pay their bills is that they were not offered enough payment options and could not afford to pay their entire bill at once.

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